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DNA is found in the nucleus of a cell and in mitochondria. Depending on the type of RNA, this molecule is found in a cell's nucleus, its cytoplasm, and its ribosome. Stability: Deoxyribose sugar in DNA is less reactive because of C-H bonds. Stable in alkaline conditions. DNA has smaller grooves, which makes it harder for enzymes to "attack." In eukaryotes, the ribosomes found in the chloroplasts and mitochondria are 70S ribosomes, which are similar to he size of the prokaryotic ribosome Evidence of the endosymbiotic theory -ribosomes contain w/in mitochondria and chloroplasts are very similar to prokaryotic ribosomes The number of mitochondria within a cell varies depending on the type and function of the cell. As mentioned, red blood cells do not contain mitochondria at all. The absence of mitochondria and other organelles in red blood cells leaves room for the millions of hemoglobin molecules needed in order to transport oxygen throughout the body.Following an acute bout of endurance exercise training, the increase in mitochondrial biogenesis occurs within _____ following the completion of the exercise session. hours The heart rate and ventilatory responses to a fixed submaximal work rate are lower (i.e., lower heart rate and lower minute ventilation) following an endurance training program.

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See full list on scienceabc.com You can think of the mitochondria as the energy factory or power plant of the cell. Respiration Mitochondria produce energy through the process of cellular respiration. Respiration is another word for breathing. The mitochondria take food molecules in the form of carbohydrates and combine them with oxygen to produce the ATP. They use proteins ...

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which of the following occurs in the mitochondria? A) the Calvin cycle . B) the citric acid cycle . C) Glycolysis . D) none of these. I was thinking it s either B or D. Answer Save. 2 Answers. Relevance. kumorifox. Lv 7. 5 years ago. Favorite Answer. Definitely B. 0 0. Formerly Peter S. Lv 7. 5 years ago.Which of the following processes do not take place in the mitochondria? citric acid cycle conversion of pyruvate to activated acetyl groups oxidation of fatty acids to acetyl CoA glycogen breakdown Which reaction does the enzyme phosphoglucose isomerase catalyze? Dec 28, 2020 · Oxygen (O2) deprivation and metals are common environmental stressors and their exposure to aquatic organisms can induce oxidative stress by disruptin…

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Dec 28, 2020 · Oxygen (O2) deprivation and metals are common environmental stressors and their exposure to aquatic organisms can induce oxidative stress by disruptin… Nov 14, 2016 · The Krebs Cycle occurs in the matrix of the mitochondria; ... the 4-carbon acceptor molecule does not change and merely returns to its initial state to accept another Acetyl CoA in another round ...